san francisco fog line picture
                                                                                                                                                     Photo source Todd Lappin, Telstar Logistics

One Saturday morning, my roommates and I gazed out the window of our Sunset district home, and all we saw was fog. It looked cold. We had planned to go hang out in a park if it was a nice day. But was it sunny elsewhere in the city? There are sites that claim to give a weather report for the varied microclimates of San Francisco’s neighborhoods, but I’ve never found them to be accurate. Lazily, in an instinctual reach for my phone, I checked Instagram. There, in a friend’s photo posted minutes before, was the answer I sought – The Mission IS SUNNY.

There are many wonderful neighborhoods in San Francisco, but it’s easy to get stuck in our own. A great thing about this city is that we can hang out outside year round. There are 220 parks (!!) in the city, home to a countless number of outdoor events. This is not a weather site, but a nudge to get out and hang out in the plentiful green space or on the vibrant streets of San Francisco. A reminder that somewhere in the city, it’s beautiful outside.

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